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Waiting impatiently for results

While my work title seems simple enough, people really don't have a clue what I do. So here is a brief synopsis of a life of a Brainerd Dispatch sports writer.

First of all, I don't cover the Vikings, Timberwolves, Twins or Wild. In fact the only professional sporting event I have ever covered was the 2002 PGA Championship at Hazeltine National and the Lucas Oil Nationals at BIR.

My job revolves around the local high schools and Central Lakes College during the school year. The summer I attempt to cover the local golf scene between my vacations.

As far as the local schools we cover football, cross country, soccer, volleyball, swimming and tennis in the fall.

In the winter, we cover basketball, hockey, wrestling, Nordic and Alpine skiing, gymnastics, swimming and floor hockey.

In the spring, it's golf, baseball, softball, track and field and tennis.

My hours depend on when the events are happening. Fall is a mixture of afternoon activities like tennis and soccer, with night games for football, volleyball and swimming.

Winter calls for late nights all the time and spring is mostly afternoon events, although, track meets do take a long, long, long time.

Most high school events happen Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Since there is only two full time sports writers on staff we use our four part timers wisely and make them cover the Saturday events. In the winter we get a few more events on Monday night as well. So as you can see there is a lot of late nights during the cold, winter months.

After covering and event, I race back to the office, well within the speed limit of course, and type my story so it can get placed in the morning paper. It takes me about an hour to type a story, which includes adding  stats, filling in the stats, dictating my interviews, writing my story and quick editing it before it goes to the main editors.

During the day time I work on my athlete of the week stories, my Tuesday column and any other feature or breaking sporting news stories that need to be covered.

I also prepare the files for the events we don't cover, but take by phone from the coaches after the game. Without our area coaches and their cooperation it would be a very light paper.

I do all of this in 40 hours because the Dispatch doesn't allow overtime. So I spend a lot of time either in my car driving back and forth to events or in front of my computer typing away hopefully bringing you stories you find interesting, humorous and well written.