Silver medal winners! | | Brainerd, Minnesota

Silver medal winners!

My husband, Jason, and I, for the second year in a row, have taken second place in the pair category in Fitness United, the community health and wellness eight-week challenge hosted by United Way of Crow Wing and Southern Cass Counties.

What a wonderful community program. This year more than 300 people participated, offering a friendly competition of who can lose the most weight, giving those more competitive people the edge to stay on task. But the more at “heart” reason for the challenge are people taking that step to eat healthier and get in shape.

I thank all the sponsors who opened their doors for the competition helping us in our goal to become healthier.

Both my husband and I were shocked both times when we took second place. Each year we tried a different strategy on how to become healthier people. We weren’t in it for the prizes; the biggest prize for us, or me anyway, is losing weight and feeling better about myself. In my eyes, all 300 participants are winners for wanting to become healthier. Another benefit for all, of course, is that this year’s proceeds will benefit Kinship Partners, a program that connects kids with positive role models.

My goal is to continue what I’ve been doing to be a healthier person and when next year’s challenge begins, I’m shooting for first place. Hopefully my husband will be on board with that goal!