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Story that caught attention

This is Ali Clough in the Super Bowl costume.
This is Ali Clough in the Super Bowl costume.

A story that ran in Monday’s Brainerd Dispatch is making waves across the nation.

The story I wrote on Just For Kix making the costumes for the Super Bowl has caught the attention of many media outlets. The story has been seen on several TV news stations, USA Today, the Star Tribune website and it also made its way to Washington, D.C. There may be more that I don’t know about

Katherine Boyle, assistant styles editor of the Washington Post Express, talked with me about the costume story on Monday. Her main questions was where is Baxter, Minn., and the second was what kind of company is Just For Kix. 

It was a fun, exciting story to do and it brought a lot of good, media attention to the Brainerd lakes area. Cindy Clough of Just For Kix said she was amazed with how the story generated so much attention.