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403 Forbidden

The website BrainerdDispatch.com experienced an outage early Thursday afternoon, Sept. 22, from approximately 12:20 pm to 1:50 pm.

If you tried to access BrainerdDispatch.com during that time frame, you may have gotten an error message that read "Forbidden".

Many of our readers saw that message and thought they were being denied access to our website, (and actually they were) just not on the scale or the reason that they believed.

The error was causing the website to deny access to anyone who tried to view the website, even internally.

The issue was located on a webserver housing at least three other Morris Communications websites, and all experienced full outages.

The issue was located by a team assembled by our corporate technical staff and full access to BrainerdDispatch.com and the other websites was restored by 1:50 pm.