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Flipside Art Camp for Kids!!

Flipside Summer Art Camp is co-sponsored by The Crossing Arts Alliance and ISD 181 Community Education. Cost: $65 per child for each camp. Register through ISD 181 Community Education, 218-454-6924

June 4 to 8, Visual Art: Art Through the Ages
Five days of fun, creativity and learning are planned June 4-8 at The Franklin Art Center when The Flipside: Crossing Kids will offer Art Camp to thirty budding artists, ages 8-12. This year’s visual art camp theme is ‘Art Through the Ages.’ Students will learn about art from around the world. Each day will feature an art history period: Cave Art, Egyptian Art, Asian Art, Renaissance Art and Modern Art. Students will explore the symbolism and conceptual qualities of each art history period through a variety of media and techniques. Activities will include pastel drawings, watercolor and acrylic painting, creating with clay, and sculptural activities. Our goal is to familiarize students with the history of art in a fun, hands-on, summer-camp-like environment.
The week of creativity will end with a ‘Celebration’ of sorts…students will have a chance to share what they have learned and display what they have created. Campers will be encouraged to invite parents, grandparents, little brothers and sisters to an exhibit of fabulous artwork created throughout the week. Works on display will include drawings, paintings, sculptural pieces, sketchbook work, and more. Display areas will reflect the cultural and historical parts of the world that campers have ‘visited’ throughout the week.
In the tradition of previous years’ art camps, students will be given their own sketchbooks to take home for further creative exploration over the summer.
Art Camp teachers are Kate Carlson, Paulette Buck and Michelle Pfeiffer.

June 11 to 15, Stage One — Theatre Fun for Everyone
The Crossing Arts Alliance and Brainerd Community Ed will be offering its 3rd annual “Stage One, Fun for Everyone” theatrical camp on June 11-15th for children ages 8-12. Designed for both the inexperienced AND more “seasoned” performer, this camp will offer its participants the opportunity to learn basic theatrical skills including character development and memorization techniques, as well as introducing them to directorial concepts and the art of perfecting scene work. Students will play improvisational games, perform monologues and stage scene work with the other participants, in order to practice these newly learned techniques and help them become more comfortable and confident in front of an audience.
“This year’s camp is designed to focus more intently on the process of character development,” says the camp’s director, Amy Borash. “We (the instructors) feel that in the previous two years, we have provided a thorough overview of the who, what, where, when and whys of theater; and we would like to be more specific about how to create a character once you’ve been cast in a production.”
Participants interested in signing up for Stage One, Fun for Everyone, needn’t have any previous experience onstage, and prior participation in the camp is not necessary. Instructors for Stage One, Fun for Everyone are Amy Borash, Lauren Nickisch and Beth Selinger. Theatre is a collaborative effort, come discover the joy of sharing your ideas and abilities with others, while also learning to work together to express yourselves on stage.