Dog Sledding Presentation at BPL on Jan 10th | | Brainerd, Minnesota

Dog Sledding Presentation at BPL on Jan 10th

Charlotte Wolf, musher and veterinary technician, will be speaking about the history of Minnesota dog sledding and demonstrate how the sled dogs are harnessed on Friday, January 20 at 10:00am at the Brainerd Public Library. Wolf is a big supporter of the few dog sled races that run around the country, like the Iditarod in Alaska and the John Beargrease race along the north shore of Lake Superior here in Minnesota. Her dreams have been realized and she is as passionate as ever about her dogs, mushing and caring for other sled dogs wherever she goes.
You’ll learn a bit about the dogs, the equipment, the history of dog sledding in Minnesota, and the commands to direct the dogs in their trail runs, and stops. Wolf grew up in St. Paul and her cultural background is Swedish. She’s always had a love of dogs and pursued that as a young girl by working in a kennel helping out, and eventually going to school to become a veterinary technician. Her passion has played out with her eight dogs, dog sled and truck to haul them around for races and various events, and she assists other mushers as well, given her passion, skills and training.
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PHOTO: attached (Charlotte Wolf mushing a dog sled ride), photo courtesy of Joey Halvorson and Her Voice.