Professor Marvel’s World of Wonders -July 14, 3pm | | Brainerd, Minnesota

Professor Marvel’s World of Wonders -July 14, 3pm

Brainerd Public Library presents, Professor Marvel's World of Wonders

-Thursday, July 14 at 3:00pm

ONE WORLD ... SO MANY STORIES! People say that there are only seven wonders of the world. Professor Marvel has set out to prove them wrong.

Each time a book is opened regular readers have the opportunity to explore amazing worlds, meet outrageous characters, and learn how to do the most extraordinary things.  In short, every book is in and of itself a world of wonders. 

Professor Marvel's World of Wonders provides a creative and interactive atmosphere where kids quickly learn that through reading anything is possible.  

The adventure begins with the professor traveling through India (courtesy of "Around the World in 80 Days") and then onto England to introduce the kids to "The Secret Garden".  The kids will gasp as they witness a rose bush blooming right in front of their eyes.

From there on its non-stop action as eight different books are featured and then illustrated with magic and illusion woven throughout their pages - magic especially designed to illustrate each book introduced during the show.  Topical and classical books are selected based upon a graduated scale for kindergarten through fifth grade.     

Professor Marvel's World of Wonders is a fully themed show featuring a colorful backdrop, special costumes, interactive theatre (with lots of audience participation), story-telling, comedy, and magic aimed at helping kids discover the rewards found within the pages of a book.  After all, inspiring books deserve an inspiring show.

Like all of our themed reading shows Professor Marvel's World of Wonders focuses on books and literacy.  Parents will love the show because it packs a powerful message that motivates kids to read.  Kids love will love the show because they are just plain FUN!

Audience age level: Elementary School
Length of performance: ~45 minutes