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"Why I Love the Library" Contest Winners Announced

"Why I Love the Library" Contest Winners Announced

The Friends of the Brainerd Public Library recently held a "Tell Us Why You Love Your Library" contest.  Many library patrons participated; all the comments were collected and reviewed by a small committee from the Friends of the Library group.

The winning essay was by Jane Peterson.  Here is part of what she wrote:  "I love my library because it is a place to go to explore, learn, and escape. My library is an integral part of the community-a place that is crucial to my living as a local."  She won a $25 gift certificate to a local book store.

Posters with quotes from the contest will be displayed at the library throughout May.

Here's a sample of what other people had to say:


  • "Everyone can afford to borrow items in a library so the entertainment value is beyond compare"  Tammi Jacobsen
  • "Using the library has broadened by horizons and introduced me to new ideas"  Elena Hirst
  • "I thank all of the staff and volunteers for the wonderful and pleasant atmosphere on my library visits" Sue Woelber
  • "This is the best library I have ever been to in my 68 years of living-have lived all around MN." Dolly Winkels
  • "We are so fortunate to have this great library in Brainerd.  Good availability of materials" Gene Larson
  • "Pleasant, relaxing and enjoyable place to come"  Chris Larson