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'Doll & Em' finale: A Season 2 is not in the works

Wed, 04/02/2014 - 11:30pm
HBO's new mockumentary "Doll & Em" came to a close Wednesday (April 2) after airing its six episodes over three weeks. Star Emily Mortimer tells Zap2it that fans should not hold their breath for a follow-up season just yet.

"These six episodes were self-contained, they finished up the story we were telling," says Mortimer. "If we did get commissioned to do a second season, it would be something different."

The show ended with Mortimer and her real-life childhood friend having swapped situations on the show, as the "master becomes the servant and the servant becomes the master," Mortimer tells us. By the end of the series, Doll was the diva and Em ended up ... spitting on her. Yikes.

What did you think of the conclusion to "Doll & Em"? Would you tune in for more if a second season was commissioned?

'The Americans' Season 2, episode 6: Sex, drugs and covert murder in 'Behind the Red Door'

Wed, 04/02/2014 - 11:00pm
Of all "The Americans" episodes in this excellent Season 2, "Behind the Red Door" might best encapsulate the passion, fear and danger of espionage. It's hard to remember sometimes that these are people who have literally given up everything for a cause -- and that makes them some of the most fascinating and dangerous people on the planet.

Even in this fictional version, it's fascinating to watch them try to change the world.

The most dangerous game

Philip and Elizabeth are finally ready to target Marshall Larick, the military guy who they suspect may have killed Emmett and Leanne. Unfortunately for them, Larick is both highly intelligent and rather angry about this whole being-blackmailed-by-the-communists-because-he's-gay thing.

While Larick is quite convincing about not being the killer, he also lets slip that he's involved with the training of Nicaraguan Contra leaders on US soil. It's safe to say that the Soviet Union wants to know what's going on here -- training foreign, anti-Communist fighters on US soil is a big no-no in both international diplomacy and internal PR, after all.

Because of this, Philip and Elizabeth are told to keep on Larick, even if it means letting a dangerous man possibly learn something about their family.

But what about the actual murderer of the other undercover family? That's still quite unknown, but Claudia provides a clue for the next move. It seems that devoted, righteous Claudia has broken the rules just like everyone else -- she had a lover, and she told that person enough that he might have supplied information to the wrong people.

Assuming Philip and Elizabeth stay alive long enough (and don't get sucked into studying the primitive Internet), they may have to destroy Claudia to find the killer.

Stan struggles, not realizing he's already caught in the net

Stan Beeman is an intelligent, upright and hard-working man. He's the kind of person who beats the bad guys by always staying one step ahead. Stan is pretty much the definition of the crime-fighting hero.

That's probably why he doesn't even realize he's caught in the espionage net, even while he struggles to get free.

Literally everyone is playing Stan at this point. Oleg is extorting information in exchange for Nina's safety. Nina is passing along secrets to her bosses in her own tense game of spycraft. Agent Gaad is beginning to hint that he wants to pass blame to his underling. Even that nice Jennings family across the street considers him a source.

With all of this happening, why is a man as smart as Stan running around with a look of befuddlement on his face? That's probably because none of this makes sense to him. Stan could bring down the Ku Klux Klan from the inside because that's a group focused on visible, palpable hate. But the FBI agent is failing miserably when up against sneaky people working for quiet ideals and desperate people trying to preserve their own lives.

The poor guy doesn't even see the impossible trap they have him in.

Another amazing, complicated woman

There's a lot of commentary out there about how women are portrayed in the media. Movies are often seen as the worst offenders, but TV also takes some abuse for not showing women as complex, driven and three-dimensional characters.

But if every TV show were like "The Americans," there would be no problem. All of the characters in this show are beautiful, living creations, while the women are quite simply phenomenal. We get to know another of them this week in Aimee Carrero's Lucia.

A Sandinista operative loosely affiliated with the KGB, Lucia starts off with a combination of Elizabeth's passion and Nina's air of vulnerability. This could be nothing more than a throwaway role in "The Americans," plying a Congressional aide with sex and drugs for access. Yet somehow she uses only a few minutes of screen-time to create yet another female character that lives and breathes and makes the audience care.

When ordered to kill her "boyfriend" to hide any involvement in espionage, Lucia could have taken Elizabeth's advice and walked away. A drug overdose, fake or not, pretty much takes care of itself. But passion like Lucia's isn't just for a cause. A woman like that will have passion and devotion to every aspect of her life.

She could never just walk away from the man. Instead, she speaks of the things worth dying for and holds him as he passes. It is heartbreaking and real. Lucia is a woman and an amazing addition to "The Americans."

'Nashville' Season 2, episode 19 recap: Scarlett's toxic mom drives her 'Crazy'

Wed, 04/02/2014 - 10:45pm
Thank goodness there's a four-week break before we get a new episode of "Nashville," because Wednesday's (April 2) episode was a doozy. There were so many revelations, confrontations and emotions running high that it's going to take four weeks to recover from the roller coaster that was "Crazy." Let's dig right in to the drama, y'all!

Even though Maddie took down the video she titled "Maddie Claybourne," everyone knows the Internet is forever. Someone got hold of the video and it went viral. Even the ladies on "The View" made a cameo to discuss the murky waters of Maddie's paternity, calling her Rayna and Deacon's "love child." When the paparazzi get vicious, Rayna gets worried when she can't reach Deacon. She freaks out, thinking he might have started drinking again.

Knowing that Deacon would head to the lake house they were supposed to live in way back when, Rayna and Luke head there to find it trashed, with an empty liquor bottle on the ground. Assuming the worst, they barge in to find a sober Deacon -- he says he poured out all the alcohol -- but he thinks Rayna and "her bodyguard" came to talk about his breakup with Megan. He didn't even know about the whole Maddie issue, and when Rayna asks him to participate in a press conference with her and Teddy, he refuses. He tells Rayna to ask Teddy why he can't even be in the same room as him. After she confronts Teddy, they get into a big fight and Teddy says he won't step aside as Maddie's dad, especially to Deacon.

Meanwhile, things aren't going so well for Juliette professionally, even after signing with Rayna's label. Glenn tells Juliette that she needs to ask Charlie Wentworth for a favor to start supporting her music since he owns half the radio stations in the country, but she knows that might interfere with her relationship with Avery. But Avery surprises her and tells her that it's actually a smart idea. She meets with Charlie in Chicago, and Charlie hits on her, kissing her passionately, but Juliette tells him she's moved on and is in love with Avery. He agrees to help her anyway.

Later, Juliette confesses to Avery about her kiss with Charlie -- but only says he "tried" to kiss her -- and Avery tells her he expected that to happen. He doesn't even get mad or jealous, and it's obvious that Juliette's impressed with his level of trust. But when Charlie shows up at her show later, provoking Avery with comments about being nostalgic for being backstage at a Juliette show, Avery tells him to get over Juliette.

Back in Nashville, Gunnar gets his first royalty check for $400,000 and goes a little money crazy. After a few insane ideas of how to spend his cash, he decides to celebrate by funding Zoey's professional singing demo. He also gets a call from someone offering a gig for his band with Zoey and Avery, but since they broke up the guy wasn't interested in just Gunnar solo. He seems more than a little bummed, but hides it from Zoey, who's having the time of her life recording in a real studio.

Zoey's demo impresses her agent so much that she tells her to move out to L.A., where all backup singers are cast for any genre of music. Zoey considers heading out there for a few weeks to see what auditions she can land, but Gunnar wants Zoey to give Nashville another shot first. He even offers to use his check to help her get on her feet until she makes it. But Zoey tells him she doesn't want a "sugar daddy" and to spend his money on his own dreams. Do those dreams include a house? Because Gunnar seemed to take notice of a certain "For Sale" sign driving by ...

Rayna and Teddy decide to just steer into the skid and go on "Good Morning America" together to tell the truth about Maddie's paternity. Of course, they don't expect Deacon to show up, but he does, and he's surprisingly mature about it. They reveal that Maddie is Deacon's daughter but he's an alcoholic, so Teddy raised Maddie as his own. Deacon even praises Rayna and Teddy's parenting of Maddie through the years. But after the special ends, Deacon storms off and Luke notices Rayna's distress over it. Luke leaves and punches the car seat.

Rayna heads to the lake house to see if Deacon's okay after the show, and he finally confronts her about how she should have told him about Maddie long ago. He thinks that knowing about Maddie could have pushed him to stop drinking sooner. But Rayna tells him that there was no good time to tell him, and even when he did find out he just got drunk and almost killed her in the car crash. It's tough hearing them hash all this out yet again, because their love for each other is clear, but there is just so much standing in their way of being happy together. Could Deacon and Rayna ever really work, or are they doomed to repeat the same cycle over and over and over again?

And then here's where "Crazy" gets actually crazy. The big moment of the hour: Scarlett's mom shows up to her show in Chicago. This is the woman Scarlett wrote the hauntingly beautiful ballad "Black Roses" about, and to say their relationship is toxic is putting it lightly. Their complicated relationship spans all of Scarlett's life, but her mom always acts loving in public, so no one besides Avery really understands why Scarlett is so upset.

Seeing Scarlett and her mother together, it becomes clear why Scarlett is the way she is -- anything small sets off her mom in the nastiest way, like finding out via the news reports that Deacon and Scarlett didn't tell her she had a niece. She freaks out on Scarlett, hurling insults and grabbing Scarlett's wrists, and she becomes a completely different person minutes later, charming everyone onstage during Scarlett's sound check. Seeing her mother taking over her stage sets off Scarlett, and she sings the most killer version of "Black Roses," dedicating it to her mom and just singing the crap out of it. But instead of making her mom realize how she feels, it just sets her off even more and she attacks Scarlett backstage.

Shaken up by her mom's attack, Scarlett asks Juliette if she can take the night off, but Juliette tells her she needs to figure out a way to fight through her demons and go onstage anyway. So she heads back to her dressing room, drinks a ton and staggers her way to the stage. Avery notices that she's completely wasted and tries to stop her from going onstage, but she slips through his grasp when Juliette gets angry that Avery was trying to protect Scarlett from Charlie. She yells at him for not allowing Charlie to even speak to Scarlett and yet not get mad about Charlie kissing Juliette, and Avery gets upset that Juliette lied about the kiss.

During that distraction, Scarlett slips onstage before Avery can stop her and ends up having a complete mental breakdown onstage ... caught on everyone's phone cameras. This is clearly way more than a drunk mistake, or too many pills. This is a severely debilitating psychological problem that's been manifesting throughout Scarlett's entire life, one that she's never opened up about before until Liam stole her diary and made her write "Black Roses." Will this incident make Scarlett realize she needs help and seek out therapy, or is this something even worse? Has Scarlett just completely shattered under the tour pressure, pills and her mother's abuse?
What did you think of Scarlett's breakdown, Juliette's lie to Avery, Rayna and Deacon's argument and the rest of "Crazy?"

'American Idol' XIII Top 8: The duets are shaky; Sam Woolf's time has come

Wed, 04/02/2014 - 9:30pm
The theme for "American Idol" this week is going back to the start, which means performing the song they used for their initial audition for the judges. They will also be paired up for duets, which should be interesting.

1. Jessica Meuse, "Blue Eyed Lie," original song

This might be the most emotion we've seen from Jessica since her audition, you can tell she wrote this. She sounds great, really rocking the Stevie Nicks moments on some notes, but also showing off a great growly rocker voice. The only big criticism is that when the camera pulls back, she's standing there knock-kneed. When she doesn't have pants on, she needs a better stance behind the mic. Heh.

2. C.J. Harris, "Soul Shine," The Allman Brothers

This was ... OK. Definitely let him show off some personality, even if he wasn't exactly on key in spots. However, I was kind of bored. It sounded nice but there wasn't any kapow there, you know? Did anybody else feel that way? It just felt a little snoozy.

3. Jena Irene & Alex Preston, "Gimme a Reason," Pink and Nate Reuss

Interesting. This is not the pairing we would have picked for either of them and it's ... hit and miss. This is not an easy song and there are some bum notes all over the place. Their voices also don't blend very well. It maybe would've been better to put Jena with Malaya and Alex with Sam. Hmm.

4. Sam Woolf, "Lego House," Ed Sheeran

The 50 million lamps on stage surrounding him are really distracting, what is that about? Anyway, this is the best he's done on the show so far. We personally think Sam is the case of the cute guy who overstays his welcome on "Idol," but this was actually a decent performance, so he's definitely not going anywhere.

5. Jessica Meuse & Caleb Johnson, "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around," Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty

Excellent choice, this is terrific. During the performance, I barely typed anything because I was too busy just really enjoying this. Also enjoying Keith Urban rocking out some more because he's the cutest. Anyway, well done, Jessica and Caleb. Really good.

6. Malaya Watson, "Ain't No Way," Aretha Franklin

We didn't think it was possible for Malaya to improve every week (because she was starting from such a high bar) but just week after week after week she comes out and does better and better. She's such a gifted vocalist, her control on this was outstanding and her emotional connection is so much beyond her years.

7. Dexter Roberts, "One Mississippi," Brett Eldredge

This is very good. He's got a nice emotional connection going and the ending is really pretty. A terrific departure from the "Sweet Home Alabama" blah he's done the past few weeks. Nice job overall, even though it wasn't perfect. Plus -- Allison Iraheta!

8. Malaya Watson & Sam Woolf, "Lucky," Colbie Caillat and Jason Mraz

Hmm. Another pairing I'm not crazy about. They really should have had Malaya/Jena and Sam/Alex. Hmm. Also, this song is all, all, all wrong for these two. Who chose this? It's too ... delicate and intricate. They are both absolutely drowning. You can tell by the fixed smile/grimace (smimace?) on J-Lo's face. Please stop ruining my first dance song from my wedding, thanks. I'm fast-forwarding through this, I can't take it anymore. Next!

9. Jena Irene, "Rolling in the Deep," Adele

Love the song choice. Loved it in her audition, love it here. Don't care how overplayed it is, Jena can handle Adele, plus this arrangement is awesome. It's so great when someone goes totally different from the original but then it works. Futzing with an arrangement can be a risky business, but this is great.

10. C.J. Harris & Dexter Roberts, "Alright," Darius Rucker

I got so excited when they said "Darius Rucker" and then was so sad that it wasn't "Wagon Wheel." Harris really needs to do "Wagon Wheel," y'all. Really really. Anyway, this is ... OK. They're not bad, but it's just kind of a clap-your-hands bar song, no panache. Plus, while they both have nice voices individually, they don't sound great together. I get the pairing, but they just don't gel.

Still, this was better than both Malaya/Sam and Jena/Alex. Though Jessica/Alex mopped the floor with everyone and it isn't even close.

11. Caleb Johnson, "Chain of Fools," Aretha Franklin

Caleb continues to be awesome. There's really nothing else to it. This isn't my favorite of his performances, but he's still great. I'm running out of things to say about him, honestly, though Keith's "rock 'n roll viking" phrase is nice.

12.  Alex Preston, "Fairytales," original song

Just like Jessica doing an original song, this is so obviously something he wrote. He's so connected to it and just feels ... more at home than on anything else he's done. I could really hear this on the radio right now. Great choice for the final spot of the night.

So, who's going home? For me, it's become very obvious that C.J. Harris and Sam Woolf should be this week and next week's eliminees, in either order. Tonight, Sam did better than C.J. on the solo, while C.J. did better on his duet. But as long as one of them goes, it's the right choice. They just aren't as good as the other vocalists. If I had to pick, I'd send Sam home. That duet was atrocious.

What do you think, "Idol" fans?

'The 100' episode 3 recap: An unlikely murderer changes everything on the ground

Wed, 04/02/2014 - 9:00pm
As dark as "The 100" has been so far -- with the mass executions, sending children down to a dangerous, unknown environment and the cruelty the teens have shown on the ground -- nothing prepared viewers for the extremely dark episode 3, "Earth Kills."

Seriously, who would have thought the sweet, little girl seeking comfort for her nightmares would turn around and straight up murder one of the main characters who had done literally nothing wrong to anyone for the entire show? His one transgression was even revealed not to be true, making him a truly good guy. RIP Wells, your death will not go unnoticed.

Nope, Wells' violent, shocking, brutal death is about to change everything on the ground. Since no one knows who killed him, tensions will run high among the 100, with blame falling on more than a few innocent parties. But there is also the added consequence of everyone realizing they're no safer on the ground than they were on The Ark. They could die at any moment for any reason: From nature, from the mysterious Grounders, and now, even from each other. And would you believe it if we said this show still hasn't reached its darkest point yet? Because it hasn't. "The 100" is truly holding nothing back, and it's working.

So what went down in "Earth Kills" that led up to Wells' murder? His future murderer, a little sweet girl named Charlotte, continued to suffer from nightmares down on the ground. Clarke comforts her with kind works, but she'll definitely come to regret that later. She's got other things on her mind, though, like healing Jasper. Bellamy threatens to kill Jasper if he doesn't get better in one day since his moans are driving the rest of the camp crazy. Bellamy doesn't think that Jasper can actually get better, but Clarke has hope. She notices a red root that the Grounders used on Jasper's wounds, and Wells recognizes that it's seaweed. Finn knows where a water source with the seaweed is, so the awkward trio sets off to find it. They encounter a car on their way, which comes in handy after they get the seaweed and notice an impossibly large and scary orange fog rolling in fast that burns their lungs. They run and take cover in the car.

When the orange fog rolls in everywhere, Bellamy, Charlotte and Bellamy's crew were off hunting for food and are forced to split up and take shelter in caves. But Octavia's crush Adam gets caught in the fog, and Bellamy can't save him.

In the caves, Charlotte bonds with Bellamy and he gives her a knife to teach her how to hunt and kill. He will also come to regret that later, especially when he tells her to slay her demons in real life so she won't have nightmares anymore.

In the car, Clarke and Finn get wasted on whiskey they find in a seat. A drunk Clarke gets into a fight with Wells about how he betrayed her and her father, and she tells him that she wants him to walk out into the fog and never come back. Finn starts to wonder why he isn't defending himself against Clarke's hurtful insults and jabs.

After the fog clears, Bellamy finds Adam suffering horribly, with his eyes bulging, boils and chemical burns covering his body, blood pouring out of his mouth. He's clearly in unbearable pain, and he desperately asks Bellamy to kill him. But Bellamy can't do it, despite all his earlier bravado about killing. Clarke finds him in the woods over Adam's body, struggling to do what's necessary, and she takes over. She hums and stabs Adam's carotid artery while Bellamy looks on, impressed. She strokes Adam's hair until the life drains from his eyes, and Charlotte looks on from afar, noting how Clarke killed the guy so quickly.

While all this pain and suffering goes on down on Earth, flashbacks show much happier times up on The Ark. Clarke's father is still alive, and her family and Wells and his father, the Chancellor, are all together. But when Clarke's father figures out The Ark is dying, Clarke overhears him telling her mom that he wants to disobey the Council and tell everyone on The Ark to better their chances of finding a solution. Clarke confides in Wells about how her father wants to go public, and her father gets arrested and floated right before her very eyes.

Back on the ground, Finn helps Clarke realize that Wells wasn't the one to turn in her father. Even though Wells was the only one she told, he wasn't the only one who knew. Clarke asks Wells for the truth, and he confesses that her mother was the one to turn in her father to Jaha, and he just took the fall from Clarke so she wouldn't hate her mother. The two repair their friendship.

Back in the launch pod, after drinking the seaweed tea Jasper wakes up, and it's smiles all around. He's okay! Jasper's survival starts to give everyone hope that maybe they can survive on the ground. But unfortunately, something else occurring on the perimeter of the camp is about to change all that forever.

Little, sweet Charlotte joins Wells while he sits on watch, and tells him she found a way to make her nightmares stop. Out of nowhere, she jabs her knife into Wells' neck like she saw Clarke do with Adam, and sits and hums to him while he violently chokes to death on his own blood. She calmly tells him she sees his father's face in her nightmares killing her parents, and when she wakes up she sees his face in Wells', and "nightmare never ends." But on Earth for everyone, the nightmare is only just beginning.
Did you see Wells' murder coming? How depressing is it knowing that Clarke and Wells only just made up, and now her best friend is dead? How will this affect the rest of the 100?

"The 100" airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

'Arrow' Season 2, episode 18: 'Deathstroke' reveals all the secrets

Wed, 04/02/2014 - 8:30pm
"Arrow" doesn't like to keep secrets -- not really, anyway. How else do you explain the fact that there are four monster revelations in the single episode, "Deathstroke"?

Seriously, the way they keep revealing stuff, Oliver might want to invest in a billboard to make sure everyone knows. But what are the big four secrets of the week?

#1: Who's your daddy, Thea?

At the end of the previous episode, Thea Queen made the foolish mistake of getting in Slade Wilson's big, fancy car. That's because he didn't want to talk about her boyfriend issues and smudged makeup. He wanted to kidnap her. Which he does.

That's just about all he does for awhile though, that and sending a "Save me!" video to Moira's debate. Thus, while everyone in Starling City is running around, shooting people with Himalayan pit viper venom and arresting Slade on suspicion of kidnapping, Thea is pretty much just sitting in a warehouse.

Slade doesn't really want to hurt Thea -- not physically anyway. That's not his dastardly plan. He just wants to destroy the girl emotionally, which he soon does by revealing Oliver's secret.

No, not that secret. The other one: Thea now knows she's the daughter of Malcolm Merlyn. And she thinks that this is Oliver's fault for some reason.

#2: We knew she was bad, but we didn't know she was this bad

Always believe your first impressions, Oliver. And don't think a hardnosed businesswoman is your friend just because she slept with you that one time in Russia.

Isabel Rochev came in like a villain and it turns out that she is, in fact, totally a villain.

But it's probably fair that Oliver didn't realize Isabel was working with Slade until she stole the company from him. That's more of a surprise. Unfortunately, this surprise now means that Queen Consolidated is happily making a whole bunch of mirakuru for Slade's army.

There's still a big question too: Why does Isabel hate Oliver so much? What did Robert Queen do that could bring this much danger to the family?

#3: In case you didn't realize how crazy Slade Wilson really is ...

Obviously Slade Wilson is crazy and obviously he is obsessed with Shado's death. We just didn't realize how crazy/obsessed he really is until Deathstroke. Because it's super-duper crazy and obsessed to hear your dead crush speaking homicidal words to you at every moment.

It's weird enough when Shado tells Slade to leave Oliver and Sara to languish on the island as punishment. She had just died then, so it's almost sane to hear her words.

But listening to the ghost woman standing beside him in the Starling City present? Well, let's just say that Slade Wilson is not likely to start listening to anything resembling reason any time soon.

#4: Guess who knows about Team Arrow now?

Toward the end of "Deathstroke," fans are treated to a comforting sight -- the original Team Arrow of Oliver, Diggle and Felicity making a vow to take down Slade and stop the horror. It's a positive moment that totally takes the sting out of Roy leaving town and Lance getting arrested for conspiracy.

What it doesn't take into account is Slade's next move: He shows up at Laurel's apartment and almost casually informs her that Oliver is the Arrow.

Will Laurel believe the guy? You might wonder about that, since insane kidnappers who show up at your door in the middle of the night aren't the most reliable sources. But since when has Laurel needed a reliable source?

This is so going to be an issue.

'Survivor: Cagayan': A Tribal Council for the ages because 'Chaos Kass' is crazy

Wed, 04/02/2014 - 8:00pm
When we last left our "Survivor: Cagayan" castaways, two people went home -- and if you haven't read our interview with Lindsey, you really should because there's ... a lot of stuff happening there. Anyway, time for the merge!


The six Aparri members start talking about the merge and who they're going to target first if the merge comes the next day. Trish or Jefra seem to be the names tossed out there, which surprises me. You'd think they would target whichever strong male doesn't win Immunity, like Tony or LJ. Hmm.

They agree "Top 6," but of course, that depends heavily on if someone can be poached. Kass is concerned about Sarah and Jeremiah and voices that to Sarah's face, which Sarah takes offense at. Um, don't be offended. Kass was just being honest and since you are the only Brawny who is in their tribe, then maybe you're thinking about going back with your original people. It's not a ridiculous concern, Sarah.

Kass and Sarah shake hands and say that they're strong, but Kass still isn't sure. Yeah, you have to keep an eye on her, especially since now Sarah seems to think that anybody being concerned about her flipping means she maybe should flip, which would just prove their point. Geez, Sarah. Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The Merge

Over at Solana, they get the merge treemail and set off for Aparri's beach in their boat. Upon arrival, it's time for the merge feast, but Spencer has his eyes on the prize -- don't forget it's us vs. them.

THEN -- there's a message about an Idol with "different powers" hidden at camp. It's not a clue, just information. Tony is gaming too; he wants that hidden Idol, he already has his own Immunity Idol and he knows he needs to get Sarah to flip if his alliance is to have a chance.

Later, Tony, LJ and Woo try to figure out who the "head of the snake" is and decide it's probably the Brains tribe collectively. Tony approaches Sarah and she says, "I'm honestly floating," so -- way to demonstrate exactly why Kass is nervous about you, dummy.

Honestly, at this point, I'd like to see Sarah go home and then it's five-on-five. It's not that I don't appreciate someone who plays both sides, but Sarah isn't playing smart. She has a tremendous opportunity here and she's not doing the right thing. Tony asks her to swear on her badge and she should have just done it, but no. She says she can't yet. Way to make Tony think you are maybe wishy-washy and untrustworthy.

She thinks she's sitting pretty, but it doesn't feel like she is. In fact, at this point in the episode, I feel like Sarah's going to get got by the end.

Anyway, Sarah goes back to her Aparri people and Jeremiah says they shouldn't target LJ because he thinks LJ has the Idol. Sarah makes a great point saying that a strong guy, like LJ or Woo, needs to be the target. She's right. Jefra and Trish are terrible people to target.

Now, privately, Sarah says that if her alliance doesn't go along with what she wants, she'll flip. You are playing with fire, Sarah. Her hubris is going to take her down, even if I completely agree with her in regards to targeting a strong guy. Why take out Trish? What threat does she pose?

The next morning, Kass and Sarah are still going at it -- and they're fighting in front of the former Solana members, which is a mistake. Trish hears it and her radar is pinging that the Aparri tribe may not be as strong as they all thought.

Tasha finally starts smacking some sense into Kass and Sarah, saying that they have to stay tight or they're done for. But Kass still is not satisfied. She thinks Tasha took Sarah's side and she thinks Sarah is a bully and blah blah. Shut up, Kass. You are wrong in this case -- why on earth do you want to vote out Trish? And why not listen to the girl who spent 11 days with her who is saying she's not a threat?

Immunity Challenge

It's the challenge where they balance on a triangular platform, moving up to increasingly smaller footholds as it goes on. I predict Woo and Trish are good at this, based on their martial arts/pilates backgrounds.

Interestingly, by the time they get to the very top, everybody is still in it. But the top perch proves very, very difficult -- it knocks off Spencer, Kass, LJ, Sarah, Jefra, Tasha, Trish, Jeremiah and then Morgan a little bit later after the first bunch of eliminations. It's rather surprising to me about Tony, but then I guess he has a pretty low center of gravity and not huge feet, because he's not very tall. Anyway, not a shock that Woo pulled that out.


Sarah is pushing hard for getting rid of someone "vital" in the game and she's 100 percent correct. Getting rid of Jefra is a huge mistake, she's a doofus who has no game at this point. Sarah says Tony or LJ needs to go and hopefully the Aparrians listen to her.

Meanwhile, the Solanas are nervous but Tony says he can get Sarah to flip over to vote with them. The only reason I don't think he can is because she pointed out in an interview that she wants to go with the weaker competitors because it gives her a better chance and that's a good strategy.

Back with Aparri, Sarah is guaranteeing that Tony doesn't have an Idol. Hmm. We know that he does, but if they could play it cool and Sarah could convince the Solanas that she's voting with them, Tony won't play his Idol and he's out. But Sarah probably isn't stealthy enough to pull that off.

No sooner do I type that then Sarah tells Tony she's not making a decision until Tribal Council. See, proving my point. Sarah thinks she's the king of everything and she's playing this completely wrong. In addition to this wishy-washiness, Trish is now poaching Kass because Kass doesn't like being usurped by Sarah in her alliance.

So guess what Trish and Kass are discussing? Voting out Sarah. Um, no kidding. You have to be SO stealthy and smart to play both sides and Sarah isn't good enough at this game to pull it out.

The Aparrians could have blindsided Tony with an Idol in his pocket, but now Sarah is the one getting blindsided. Oh, Sarah. You doof.

What's Kass going to do? WHO KNOWS? Because she's kind of crazy.

Tribal Council

Not a lot of fireworks during the Q&A -- until Tony just blurts out that he has an Idol and then shows it off. Tony says it's a community Idol, he could give it to anyone. And the six Aparrians are like crapping themselves. They change their vote to "the other one" and the Solanas whisper "keep it the same." I'm not entirely sure what all that means at this point, honestly, but this should be interesting.

We, of course, do not get to see any votes during the casting, then Tony plays his Idol for LJ. Interesting. But THEN -- LJ plays his Idol for Tony. Wow. So, did the Aparrians switch to LJ? The votes go Jefra (ruh roh, Solana), Sarah, Jefra, Sarah, Jefra, Sarah, Jefra, Sarah, Jefra, Sarah and ... SARAH. Wow.

That's kind of outstanding. Wow. How bonkers was that Tribal Council? Of course, Kass totally just screwed herself because her old alliance won't trust her but she's low woman on the totem pole in the new alliance.

Again, Sarah had the right idea about how to handle her position, but she did it completely wrong.

Next week: Morgan and Kass have words, as everybody goes crazy looking for the Idol with "different powers."

'Girl Meets World': See the first cast photo of Cory, Topanga and the kids

Wed, 04/02/2014 - 6:45pm
Finally, Disney Channel has released the first cast photo of "Girl Meets World," which might be the most highly-anticipated series in the network's history.
The photo also gives a clear answer to who all makes up the cast. From left-to-right above, the cast is Peyton Meyer as Lucas Friar, August Maturo as Auggie Matthews, Ben Savage as Cory Matthews, Rowan Blanchard as Riley Matthews, Danielle Fishel as Topanga Matthews, Sabrina Carpenter as Maya Hart and Corey Fogelmanis as Farkle.
As for familiar face on the show, which is a sequel series to "Boy Meets World," Minkus (Lee Norris), Shawn (Rider Strong), and Corey's parents (Betsey Randle and William Russ) will all appear at some point. "Girl Meets World" is set to air on Disney Chanel later in 2014.

'Saturday Night Live': Anna Kendrick's promos include musical with Taran Killam

Wed, 04/02/2014 - 5:30pm

If the promos for the April 5 episode of "Saturday Night Live" are any indication, Anna Kendrick is going to be one of the better hosts in recent memory.
Paired with Taran Killam, Kendrick churns out some of the show's best promos in recent memory. The two sing, they play games, and there's even a killer April Fools' Day joke hidden in there somewhere. All that. plus Kendrick proves once and for all why she's better than Killam.
Kendrick will be joined by musical guest Pharrell Williams when she takes the "SNL" stage Saturday (April 5) at 11:30 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

'The Boondocks' creator Aaron McGruder explains his departure from the series

Wed, 04/02/2014 - 5:00pm
When it was announced that Adult Swim hit "The Boondocks" would be returning for a fourth and final season, the part of the press release that stuck out was how series creator Aaron McGruber wouldn't be back. At the time, Sony Pictures Television explained the new season "was produced without the involvement of Aaron McGruder, when a mutually agreeable production schedule could not be determined."
While McGruber was initially silent on the issue, he took to the Facebook page of his next Adult Swim show, "Black Jesus" to address his departure. In an open letter on the page, he writes about the responsibility he had to make sure the show offended viewers, but that it was for "the right reasons." Doing so was not an easy task, nor was it quick.
He doesn't say what, exactly, led to his departure, but writes, "To quote a great white man, 'Hollywood is a business'. And to quote another great white man, 'Don't hold grudges'." It doesn't sound as "mutually agreeable" as the studio said it was.
McGruber created "The Boondocks" as a comic strip in college before it eventually became a show. You can read his entire open letter on the "Black Jesus" Facebook page.

'Sharknado 2' gets Matt Lauer and Al Roker cameos: Has it jumped the Sharknado?

Wed, 04/02/2014 - 4:30pm

Has "Sharknado" finally gone too far? Probably not, but they sure are getting close to the line. It was revealed on "Today" Wednesday (April ) that Matt Lauer and Al Roker would have cameo appearances in "Sharknado 2: The Second One."
The two even showed a piece of their scene on the morning show, in which they are reporting on the Sharknado itself as it ravages New York. In the end, a shark ends up on their news desk and Lauer attacks it with an umbrella while they continue reporting.
Given just how ridiculous the footage looks, Syfy has the makings of another cult classic in their hands. Other cameos include Andy Dick, professional wrestler Kurt Angle, Kelly Osbourne and Mark McGrath. Ian Ziering and Tara Reid will reprise their roles from the first "Sharknado."
"Sharknado 2: The Second One" premieres Wednesday (July 30) on Syfy.

'Catfish' Season 3 trailer: Was Tracie Thoms the victim of an online dating hoax?

Wed, 04/02/2014 - 3:45pm

The first trailer for Season  of MTV's "Catfish" has arrived, and it packs quite a surprise. Among the many faces of people duped online was none other than former "Cold Case" and "Wonderfalls" star Tracie Thoms.
It's not clear exactly what she's doing there, but it seems hosts Nev Schulman and Max Joseph are helping Thoms track down someone who lied to her online. "Whose funeral was that?" she asks as one point. Thoms addressed her appearance on Twitter, writing, "As you can see, this season of @CatfishMTV is NOT just about online dating. Tune in to see what happens!"
The rest of the trailer includes what fans have come to love most about the series, Nev and Max helping people who have been tricked track down those they've been talking to online.
Season 3 of "Catfish" will contain 10 episodes and premieres May 7 at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

'Nashville': Lennon and Maisy Stella recognize that fame is a 'wild, wild thing'

Wed, 04/02/2014 - 3:30pm
Many child actors are so busy twinkling for the camera that only viewers who consider all kids inherently adorable can stomach watching them.
Then there are the Stella sisters: natural on camera and easy in each other's presence. If you haven't been watching ABC's "Nashville" Wednesdays, you're missing a terrifically written and acted drama with multidimensional characters and great music.
And you're missing the quiet showstopping performances the girls regularly turn in. There's a purity to their voices, which blend seamlessly. The sisters, Lennon (named after John), 14, and Maisy, 10, have always sung together.
Recently, Lennon's character, Maddie, has had more drama. She posted a a video identifying herself as Maddie Claybourne, putting it out there that Deacon (Charles Esten) is her dad.
Her action leaves her mom, Rayna (Connie Britton), and others upset. With their roles expanding, the Stella sisters talk to Zap2it with their mom, Marylynne, close by. What follows is an edited version of the conversation.
Zap2it: It looks as if "Nashville" is your first acting job. How did this come about, and have you had training?
Lennon: At the end of the first season, we got an acting coach, our first acting coach. Other than that, we have just been learning.
Maisy: Our mom helps us a lot, and when we are not in a lesson, our mom is going over lines and being really helpful.
Zap2it: Did you always want to act?
Lennon: Maisy has. Since she was a baby, she would do the Maisy cooking show, the Maisy talk show, the Maisy news show.
Maisy: I am very, very shy. I would make like this is Food Network and this is bread, and this is peanut butter, and here's how you do a peanut butter sandwich.
Lennon: Any camera she had, she would pose for it. It was always in my mind it was kind of her thing, and I knew it was something she wanted to do, and I just eliminated it from my mind. I decided I would play music. I always thought we would do music together, and that's what I thought we would go for. And when the show came up, the show seemed like the best opportunity.
Marylynne: Maisy auditioned for the show, and they loved her and asked her, "Do you have a sister?"
Zap2it: How has life changed since being on the show?
Lennon: It's crazy, crazy different. Now people know us. We have done the same music and the same harmonies, and now people have heard it. Just the thought of someone in a completely different country or across the world knowing your name and hearing you sing is a wild, wild thing.
Zap2it: Lennon, Maddie's going through a lot. What has that been like?
Lennon: The path Maddie is taking is a crazy but very interesting one. She is very different than me. [Posting the video] was very selfish of her, and she did not realize at the time and she was thinking of what she wanted and how it would benefit her in ways and it went out of control and she feels very, very guilty and obviously didn't understand. She has a heart, and she didn't want this to happen.
Zap2it: And Maisy, what is it like working with your sister?
Maisy: It is really a neat thing. I would rather work with Lennon than a friend. We are very close, so it is really good. A lot of my friends have older sisters, and they fight a lot, and I can't imagine if Lennon and me were enemies. It would be really hard.

'My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding' Season 3 premiere: First look clip

Wed, 04/02/2014 - 3:15pm

The hunt is on for Heather Small to create her perfect wedding in "My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding." In the above Season 3 Zap2it-exclusive premiere clip, 18-year-old Heather calls Sandra Celli to design her a dream dress.

"This is really a Romeo and Juliet story," Celli says. "This dress has to be impressive enough to heal the feud. That's a big ask for a dress."

But Heather has more problems on her hands than just planning her wedding -- she also has to convince her mother that it's the right move for her.

"I love my girls. My girls are my life," Connie Small explains of why she doesn't want Heather to get married. "I want them to do the things that I never got to do."


The "My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding" premiere airs Thursday, April 3 on TLC at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

'Arrow' Season 2, episode 18 video: Dark times ahead in 'Deathstroke'

Wed, 04/02/2014 - 2:45pm

"Arrow" Season 2 may not be going into its final episodes on a happy note. As "Deathstroke" approaches, Thea has been kidnapped and Slade Wilson seems unstoppable. As the producer's preview video for Wednesday's (April 2) episode shows, fans should be worried about everyone even making it out alive.

How bad could it be? Let's make a guess, based on the narration of the video.

First of all, it seems likely that someone important could die. How else do you explain the Queen family not being the same and Team Arrow suffering a devastating loss? It's possible that someone could just leave. But probably not.

Also, what is Laurel going to do that will change her forever? There have been hints that Helena's message to the lawyer about letting the darkness in could reverberate in "Deathstroke." Could Laurel go full-on dark-side with this? That would actually be kind of fun.

Finally, Isabel Rochev is back. That always means trouble.

"We wanted episode 18 to feel like a season finale," executive producer Marc Guggenheim says in the video. All "Arrow" fans should be terrified as a result.

The "Deathstroke" episode of "Arrow" airs at 8 p.m. ET/PT Wednesday on The CW.

'Teen Mom 2' Season 5, episode 11: Jenelle Evans finds out she's pregnant again while Leah Messer faces a divorce

Wed, 04/02/2014 - 2:35pm
The moment that has been teased all season-long arrived on "Teen Mom 2" on Tuesday (April 1): Jenelle Evans learning she is pregnant again.

The reality star discovered her pregnancy, with her child this time from Nathan Griffith. While this came as a surprise to no one, it was certainly a happy moment for the young couple. They hope this baby will bring them closer together. But first, they have to tell Jenelle's mom Barbara.

Jenelle's tough mom brought up some good concerns she has about her daughter having another kid if they don't work out as a couple, since Barbara knows she'll end up taking care of the new baby. But Jenelle promises that no matter what happens with her and Nathan, she'll take full responsibility for the baby. Time will tell if that's true, since Jenelle and Nathan end the episode in yet another argument.

Do you think the second time is the charm for Jenelle? Or will Barbara find herself taking care of yet another grandchild?

Meanwhile, unlike Jenelle, Leah Messer received some less-than-stellar news. Jeremy Calvert threatened to file for divorce from Leah after not calling and staying in touch while out of town at work. Leah's is devastated but she doesn't want to make the same mistake that she made with her ex Corey Simms, so she is determined to make her relationship work.

Do you think things will work out with Leah and Jeremy? Or will she find herself as a single mother yet again?

"Teen Mom 2" airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

'Million Dollar Listing New York': Fredrik Eklund is riding the real estate boom

Wed, 04/02/2014 - 2:00pm
These are heady days to be in Manhattan real estate, what with supply lagging behind a demand driven to an all-time high by foreign buyers, and interest rates staying at near-historic lows.

Fredrik Eklund, agent for Douglas Elliman Real Estate and one of the stars of Bravo's "Million Dollar Listing New York," which returns for its third season Wednesday, April 2, just enjoyed his best month ever since he began selling properties in New York's richest borough.

"In February, the shortest month of the year," he tells Zap2it, "I sold $152 million in one month, which is about triple the highest amount I sold in a month in 2013, which made No. 1 in the nation."

"I've been doing this for 12 years," he continues. "I've never seen anything like it. ... It's booming now more than it ever has before, more than 2006 and 2007, before the downturn. The pricing is crazy; it's very strong. You have like a perfect storm of a lot of new developments, which I control most of, and then buyers international and even sellers, which is unique. Sellers are putting their apartments on the market, so there's a really healthy, moving, liquid market right now, yes. And interest rates are fairly low."

This season, much of the drama will come from the agents' personal lives, as Eklund settles into married life and considers children, fellow agent Ryan Serhant tries to balance his career with a new relationship, and Luis D. Ortiz moves out of his brother's apartment and into a luxurious bachelor pad of his own. And then, of course, there are the deals, which can enrich agents beyond imagination but leave them emotionally drained.

"I like the difficult deals," Eklund admits, "although I don't feel like it at the time, when you're crying and pulling your hair. Looking back at them, even when you fail, there is something about them that makes you remember them; you grow from them, and you change with them.

"So the month of February ... I'm going to remember it with a happy heart, but it's not like I learned anything from it, really. All the deals went so easily and quickly that the more difficult ones are, in a way, more interesting."

'Sam & Cat' not renewed: Are Jennette McCurdy's racy pics to blame?

Wed, 04/02/2014 - 1:15pm
It's a tumultuous time for Nickelodeon, which is faces with one of it's most popular shows possibly going away. The network has yet to renew "Sam & Cat" for a second season, following a 40 episode Season . That revelation comes shortly after scandalous photos of one of the stars, Jennette McCurdy, appeared online.
The relationship between McCurdy and Nickelodeon seems strained at best, with the actress sitting out Sunday's "Kids Choice Awards," where "Sam & Cat" won the award for Favorite Show. When asked by fans why she skipped the awards show, McCurdy tweeted, "I was put in an uncomfortable, compromising, unfair situation (many of you have guessed what it is) and I had to look out for me." 
She later clarified, "It has to do with how nickelodeon treated me" and had nothing to do with the photos.
A source tells TMZ that money is at the heart of the matter. McCurdy is reportedly unhappy with her paycheck, which is said to be much smaller than co-star Ariana Grande's. Whether true or not, a second season of the hit show isn't in the cards just yet.
A rep for Nickelodeon tells TMZ, "We have nothing but the utmost respect for Jennette and her talent." The network also released a statement concerning rumors that they've outright canceled the show. 
According to EW, the statement reads, "We are wrapping up what was an unusually long production cycle of 'Sam & Cat', and everyone is understandably tired. We are going into our production hiatus next week which will give everyone on the show a much-needed rest."
There's still no word on how long the hiatus will last, or if Nickelodeon will, in fact, renew "Sam & Cat" for a second season. 

'How I Met Your Mother' alternate ending: Fan-made video keeps Ted and Tracy together forever

Wed, 04/02/2014 - 1:10pm

Outrage over the way "How I Met Your Mother" ended is starting to dissipate. This video may help.

An enterprising fan has excised the last couple of minutes from Monday's (March 31) series finale, and in so doing has allowed Ted (Josh Radnor) and Tracy (Cristin Milioti) to remain together forever, instead of what actually happened.

The real ending does have its defenders, including Radnor himself. "I thought the title of the show was always a bit of a fake-out," he tells Vulture. "It was more of a hook to hang the thing on. Really it was more about, these are the crazy adventures and these are the lessons I had to learn before I met your mother."

YouTube user "Ricardo J Dylan" begs to differ. "I believe that this is more like the ending that we deserve," he writes in the "about" section of the video. His version cuts out the conversation between Ted and his kids, who encourage him to go ask Robin (Cobie Smulders) out again six years after Tracy's death. It also keeps Tracy alive, excising the piece of Ted's narration about her getting sick.

Instead, it closes with the fantastic train-platform scene between Ted and Tracy, intercut with a brief shot of 2030 Ted saying "So that, kids, is how I met your mother." Clean, simple and much less likely to make you want to throw something at the screen.

'Agents of SHIELD' episode 17 'Turn, Turn, Turn' promo: A battle for SHIELD's soul

Wed, 04/02/2014 - 12:45pm

Who is an ally and who is an enemy on "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD"? That will be the big question in Season 1's 17th episode, "Turn, Turn, Turn."

Considering it comes out in two days, by now we can tease that "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" is going to have some game-changing effects on the world of "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD" (yes, we've seen it, and yes, it's awesome). Once the events of the movie become known, the stakes in this episode will be even higher than anyone previously thought.

Right now the show is implying that agents Melinda May and Victoria Hand are working against SHIELD, but is Agent John Garrett an enemy as well? The end of this promo sort of implies it, and photos from episode 18, "Providence," show Garrett with Raina and Ian Quinn. Next thing you know, we'll find out FitzSimmons are secretly Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. Who can be trusted anymore?!

"Marvel's Agents of SHIELD" airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.